24.36 USD

Shopping for a reliable, high-quality mount for your mobile device? This one installs directly into your CD player slot or in between the grooves of your dash. PATENT PENDING DESIGN. It uses NO SUCTION CUPS, NO CLIPS, NO SCREWS, and it requires NO TOOLS. Best part, it won't obstruct your view of the road. FAQs: My charge port is located on the side of my phone. Will this allow for me to charge it at the same time? Absolutely. Simply detach the support bar located at the bottom of the cradle, and you can easily mount your phone with the charge port exposed. Will the blade activate the CD's auto loader? Although all CD players are made differently, the plastic blade does not reach far enough to activate a CD player's auto loading function. If my CD player has a rubber/cloth dust guard, will the mount damage it? The max depth the nGroove blade can reach is 16mm or .63". If the depth of your dust guard is shorter than this, then the plastic blade might cause it to appear warped or wrinkled. I have an extended battery which requires a larger case. Will it fit? The MT5000 was not designed for devices thicker than .70", but you still might be able to mount your phone without its case. NOTE: You must completely loosen the blade's tightening wheel BEFORE uninstalling the mount. Compatible with the new iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5, HTC Thunderbolt, HTC Evo 3D, HTC Inspire, HTC myTouch, Nexus One, Samsung Galaxy S Series, LG Revolution, Motorola Droid Bionic, Atrix, & More! Will not fit TomTom GPS units with a protruding rear speaker.

19.95 USD

The SlingShot from WOXOM is the first insanely affordable, easy-to-use handheld Smartphone video stabilizer for shooting video or stills. Legs fold out of the handle to function as a tripod or desktop stand for viewing movies, Facetime, Skype, etc. The cradle fits any smart phone from the iPhone to the Galaxy Note to the Nokia Lumia. The ¼-20 thread enables the cradle to attach to any standard tripod.

29.95 USD

iPhone Dock Greater Comfort, Less Radiation

Transform your iPhone into a plain old desk style telephone! Allows making calls the old fashioned way- using a handset with a cord. Combines all the cool and convenient features of an iPhone with the comfort and low radiation of a hand held handset. Increases both safety and comfort while still permitting access to the touch screen. No wall jack connection needed. Easy to grip with a rubber coated surface. When speaking through the telephone's receiver, multitaskers can use still interact with iPhone's touchscreen to send emails or play games if the conversation gets a little boring.

Button on handpiece has hang up function. Adjust the iPhone to control the volume. This is not a charging dock, but you can attach your standard charging cord to the phone while in the dock. Works with iPhone4, 3G and 3GS.

36.34 USD

LUXA2's H10 Bike Mount is perfect for your sporty lifestyle. Its water resistant case keeps your iPhone safely sealed away from mud and rain while enjoying outdoor fun. H10 bike mount fits a variety of handlebars and its flexibility give you many positions and angles to enjoy you iPhone

37.99 USD

High quality aluminium alloy material. Featuring durable and stable surfaces resulting in light weight portable convenience. The adjustable 360-degree rotating tower allows users to easily watch and display various angles with ease and convenience. Stand is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, Blackberry, Motorola Droid, Nokia Luma and other Smarthpones with a screen size up to 4.3".

49.99 USD

The Ten-97 M550 Bike Mount allows you to take your iPhone 5 on or off road. Perfect for the professional or occasional cyclist. It is shock and weather resistant and allows access to headphones and lightning connector. Comes complete with secure mounting bracket. You can also order additional mounting brackets for multiple bikes (TN-BRKT-05)

119.99 USD

The Action Sports Camera Has Evolved - Shooting your adventures has never been so easy or looked so good thanks to Optrix. The rugged water-resistant case is the perfect way to capture everything from mountain biking to a family day at the beach. The Motorsports bundle includes the Optrix XD and a heavy-duty best in class bar mount. 1080p Video - With the new iPhone 4S you can shoot in full 1080p HD. With all new optics that allow more light and video stabilization to steady shaky shots, your videos will amaze you. You can even watch, edit and upload directly from the device! Water Resistant - Optrix was designed to go where you go. With a water resistant case Optrix can go out and play in the rain, get dropped in a puddle or film any sport that might get messy. Touchscreen Membrane - With the protective touchscreen membrane, you get all the protection of Optrix and all the versatility of your apps. The 0.5mm thick touchscreen membrane allows you to fully operate your iPhone while in the case. Optrix is the only POV camera that allows you to playback, edit and share directly on the device. Apps like iMovie for editing or our upcoming data acquisition app (adding speed, G-force and more to your videos) makes Optrix the most powerful POV device on the market. With other POV cameras it is nearly impossible to figure out where the camera is aimed. There is nothing more frustrating than missing great footage because the camera is aimed incorrectly. With Optrix you can easily see what you're shooting and always get the perfect shot. Optrix use a proprietary anti-vibration sled within our case which protects and limits vibration. With the bar mount and the flat and curved mounting plates , you can mount Optrix anywhere the action takes you. Includes: - All-weather Optrix case with 175 degree lens - iPhone Sled (iPhone 4 and 4S) - Curved base - Flat base - Heavy duty Bar mount - Quick-release handle - Lanyard - Lens cap

340.0 USD

The custom C1000 Jotto Desk laptop stand was engineered for use in 2004-2006 Dodge Sprinter vans.