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The Green Echo Easypal B4 is a protective phone case, 1700mAh extended battery and Bluetooth headset all in one! It has been created specifically for the iPhone 4 and 4S to ensure a perfect fit. The extended battery will give you an additional 300 hours standby time, 7 hours talk time, 6 hours of web browsing, 10 hours of video playback and 40 hours of auto playback. It only takes 2.5 hours to charge the extended battery to full. The extended battery is charged with a micro USB cable, which is typically less expensive than an iPhone 40 pin connector cable. The micro USB cable also works for syncing to iTunes. Finally, a built in bluetooth headset rests within the protective case and allows you handsfree operation.
How does Easypal charge my iPhone? Press the power button for 2 sec until LED light On and a bolt sign appears on the battery status icon of the iPhone. To stop charging, press the power button until LED light is off. LED light Indicator: 3: 70% - 100% 2: 40% - 70% 1: 10% - 40% 0: 0 - 10% When the battery capacity drops to 10% or less, LED light on the left begins to flash. How to Pairing Bluetooth headset with iPhone? 1. Press the button on the headset for 6 seconds, until the LED light of headset flashes RED and BLUE alternately. 2. Turn on bluetooth on iPhone and connect 'Easypal B4' in the device list. How to charge Bluetooth headset? Insert Bluetooth headset into the slot located at the back, charging process starts automatically and the LED light of headset appears RED. When the headset if fully charged, the LED light appears BLUE. How to charge the Easypal? Using the micro USB cable provided. Your iPhone will be charged first. After your iPhone fully charged, the extended battery will start to charge. The extended battery is fully charged when all three LED lights are on. Note that when the extended battery is completely dead, you may need to remove the Bluetooth headset before charging. After the charging starts, you can put it back.

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Tired of carrying around the same dull cell phone day after day? Now you can customize the look of your cell whenever you'd like with these unique covers! Also offers great protection against scratches, drops and other damage. Covers the phone complet

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The Dension car dock for iPhone is a custom designed cradle, which combined with the 'Car Dock Mode' app (available on the App Store) enables you to make the most of your iPhone on the move. Dension Car Dock turns your iPhone 4, 3GS or 3G into a control centre for all your in car communication and entertainment needs. The car dock for iPhone is plug & play, there is no need for workshop installation. Compatibility is ensured for all cars having a 12V (cigar lighter) socket and a car radio. More info: www.cardockforiphone.com

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? The new DRACO 5 further refined DRACOdesign's signature curve line to perfecting style and ergonomic function adapting to the thinner profile of the iphone5. The design promotes comfortable grip in your palm and showcases a pleasing aesthetic appeal. Only the highest quality aircraft grade aluminum A6061 is milled out from CNC with strict quality standards of detail. * DRACO 5 is precisely designed with consideration of antenna position to minimize radio interference.Top and bottom section of the DRACO5 is ported out to fully utilize the antenna with no interference. The DRACO 5 features premium quality shock absorbing silicon pads to maximize the protection and fit of the iPhone5. Top and bottom section of the DRACO5 is ported out to fully utilize the antenna with no interference. The side edge detail shows off the superior quality of raw aluminum and signature Draco curve line. The screw heads are now inserted on the side to experience a cleaner design profile and elegantly designed aluminum volume key and mute key enhances the premium experience even further. DRACO 5 is compatible with new iPhone 5, iPhone 4 AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint

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The solar mobile power is convenient to move with you.super power.meet the digital products in any time of elctric power demand,away from the power problems. Each carry portable power supply is equipped with a single USB turn wiring,choose appropriate corresonding phone interface,can to cell phone or other digital products charging. Input voltage:5V. Input current:500mA-1A. Output votage:3USB1/5V,USB2/5V. Output current:1A,MAC2,1A. Capacity:12000mAh/3.7V. Battery:Lithium ion battery. Cycles charging time:more than 500 times. Suitable operating temperature:-10 Degree - 45 Degree. Straight charge time:12-18hours.

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Free your iPhone from the limitations and difficulty of the touchscreen keyboard! This ultra-thin (2mm) physical keyboard snaps magnetically to the back of the case. It's easy and convenient so you can take it everywhere without adding excess bulk to your phone. The keyboard is self-powered (charging seat and cable included) and detachable. It snaps to the phone in both horizontal and vertical orientations, or you can use it while completely detached. The full QWERTY keyboard features 4 rows of keys, including cursor control arrows, power button, function, and a special Home Screen key for one-touch access to a variety of applications.

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Noise reduction system, Pick up / hang up button Luxurious soft touch paint treatment High quality speaker and microphone Compatible with most 3.5 mm jack mobile phones with handfree funcation and computers, including iPhone, HTC, Moto, Blackberry, Samsung, iPad and the latest MacBooks. Weight: 385g (approx) Size: 9inch X 2.25inch X 1.3inch (approx)